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Re: New paper(atten: Jerry Olson/ Peter Stewart)

Yes, the papers are expensive. Silver 16x20 paper cost about 2.50 a sheet 
right? Lets not forget you need  chemistry to get an image on that 2.50 piece 
of paper. Then you have to dry it and press it maybe even selenium tone it. 
Certainly it produces a better more permanent image. My point is the hours it 
takes to make quality silver prints or even color RC is worth at least 20.00 
an hour isn't it? Don't forget to put all those wet chemicals away at the end 
of the day when your knees are killing you, your eyes are blood shot and you 
have chest pain from fixer fumes.(exageration). I think 5-7$ for an archival 
sheet of fine paper is too much. But I'll pay it in a minute. I do most of my 
test prints on Somersett Velvet 8x10 and use both sides then the finals go to 
Concorde rag for now. I can come home from a 6 hour darkroom session doing 
16x20's and I may only have 2 or 3 good prints. I made 3 16x20 quadtones from 
different files this morning in about 90 min. Nobody ever said digital was 
cheaper, but its starting to look like a good bang for the buck to me.
All those struggling to get black and white with the color inks! Save your 
self the grief and expense and get a second printer for quadtones. Just my 
.02 worth.
Steve Meyers

In a message dated 8/21/99 11:46:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
frank@pryorphoto.com writes:

<< Peter Stewart wrote:
 >I'm in your camp; these papers are far and away too expensive. <snip
 Different situation but the economy should scale up. I print folio images
 on Luminos Classic Velour at $2 a sheet (8.5x11). I do all my proofing on
 Luminos Soft Suede for between 50 and 75 cents a sheet. If I'm just testing
 position I print out on plain paper, sometimes using the "economy" setting
 in the Epson print dialog. I find the differences between the proofing and
 final materials to be acceptable and, with some experience, intuitively
 Good luck.
 Frank Pryor
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