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Re: Archival Inks /anomolies

> Jon,
> The room is dry . . .what about these ultra coat sprays etc. I have seen
> advertised for inkjet prints? Would a UV filtering glass over the print
> help do you think? I just can't tell my clients to put their images on a
> wall in a dark room ;-). This is a problem.
> Kathy

Well if a paper ink combination lasts 15 years, and the complete blockage of
UV adds only 10%, I'd say that the sprays are not worth it. Now pigments are
another thing. They are subject to more destruction from UV than many of the
dyes being used in the Lyson inks. The Lyson dyes are more affected by
visible light, according to past tests at Wilhelm.

I am certain that if and when he finally publishes the new Epson tests, we
will know 100% more!


Jon Cone

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