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PS5 HELP....?

Any Photoshop 5/Win98 whizzes out there?

I try starting Photoshop, it gets halfway through the opening sequence (PS
logo still on the page etc) and jams up at the same spot each time, with the
following message;

PHOTOSHP caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000013.
EAX=02edee6c CS=0257 EIP=00000013 EFLGS=00210207
EBX=00cde6a4 SS=025f ESP=00edf6ad EBP=00cdeab4
ECX=00abbd1c DS=025f ESI=007aed90 FS=5a0f
EDX=00abbcfc ES=025f EDI=00abbd3c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 54 ff 00 f0 08 80 00 f0 6f ef 00 f0 00 00 00
Stack dump:

What do I do (look like some kind of registries thing?)

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

I have a stack of work to do, and now I am STUCK - help

Tim A

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