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Re: "Gicle" prints and Iris ink longevity

> I have come across the term "gicle" for an iris-produced art print. How do
> the inks used to make iris prints stand up to the test of time? Do they fade
> rapidly or are they (very) stable.

Depends on the ink. There are very fugitive inks such as the GA, ID and SA
sets from Iris. There is a fairly sturdy set called Equipoise which is made
by Lyson for Iris. And Lyson makes some extremely durable inksets for Iris
that have greater longevity than any chemical color photographic process
including the new Fuji archiva.. The greater the longevity, the lower the
color gamut though. We make and sell an ink for Iris printers called WGFA
(wide gamut fine art) that has the longevity of Equipoise, but with a better
color space. As far as I know, we are the only independent producer of inks
for Iris printers.


Jon Cone

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