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Re: Archival Inks for 9000 - was Siggraph

> Jon,
> If the lysonic E inks are not greatly arhchival, then why are you
> promoting them on your web page as being greatly archival? guaranteed
> for 60+ years as your advertising
> states?http://www.inkjetmall.com/store/epson.html What is the real story
> here?
> and selling them as such?
> just wanna know,
> Kathy

I was speaking about a 6 color set, rather than the long established 4 color
set. However, two things bother me enough about your thoughtful message to
change my web site!  I have changed the verbage after reading it myself!

1) ink longevity knowledge is changing so rapidly as Wilhelm continues
testing and notices aberrations and anomolies.

2) should I continue selling 6 color sets without a warning...

The real story.. well that is very hard to decipher. Let me tell you what I
know thus far. The Lysonic E inks were developed from the oringinal Lyson
fine arts inks for Iris Graphics. The inks went through many permeations,
with adjustments to the magenta and yellow until an extremely high-stability
set was developed. The Wilhelm testing on these inks and their derivatives
has been
on going. The Iris versions tests consistantly above 70 years.

These inks were reformulated for use in Encad printers and received similar
longevity results.

The inks were reformulated again for use in Epson printers and we are still
awaiting final results from Henry Wilhelm which are reported to be due this
month's end. Along the way, the 6 color set was tested with a diluted cyan
and a diluted magenta. The results not published, nor released, were said to
have needed "more work" before they were released.

I have not been able to get the 6 color Lysons from my importer, I-Lab, for
reasons that are associated with your same concern. I get the 6 color sets
through Lyson America. Should I continue to sell them is a difficult
question for me to answer with a no.

The alternatives are MIS inks and other pigmented sets which are bleeders,
or Epson inks which fade many times faster. Lysonics(6) is an alternative
lasts longer than OEM and prints well. I think that the issue is what can I
say about them. I only have the data to go on, which is released to me by my
importers and Lyson in UK.

The final word rests with Henry naturally.

I have made a successful set of inks for Iris that are called the ConeTech
WGFA and have longevity and a great big color gamut. It was this type of
challenge that prompted me to begin mixing dyes and pigments into vehicles,
in the first place. Your message may prompt me to perhaps rethink how we
print to 6 color printers and formulate a solution.

Time will tell if that is successful.  In the meantime, we all await
Wilhelm's findings with anticipation.


Jon Cone

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