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Re: Printing on mats

I don't know how many of you ever wanted to put text on a mat, but I was
requested to print a title on a mat when I was a framer. My calligraphy
skills being what they are, I looked for another solution. It seemed
(and was, as far as I knew then) impossible or impractical to put a mat
board through my printer. This was an HP Laserjet (before my Epson) and
didn't take kindly to being fooled with.

To get around this, I took small sheet of Crescent art paper matched to
the color of the Crescent mat board I was using, measured to determine
where I wanted the caption to appear and chose a fancy font and sent it
through my printer. Then I put the sandwich of the cut-to-size mat
board, Fusion 4000 adhesive ( I used this one because it has no tissue
carrier ) and the printed paper in a hot vacuum press to glue them
together. I assume you could do the same gluing process with # 77 or one
of the spray adhesives and a breyer. Finally, cut the mat window. It
looked so nice I set out a display piece and had quite a few customers
who wanted "personalized" mats for photos of weddings, anniversaries,
birthdays or whatever.


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