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Re: Siggraph Studio

Harold Ward wrote:

> I was impressed by the rows and rows of computers and awed
> by the Epson 9000 swaying back and forth like a lumbering
> elephant, but frankly only one or two of the multitude
> Epson 3000 prints "drying" on the table looked anything
> close to the quality of prints I get using Weber Valentine's
> papers with Oem inks. I wanted to see inks and papers in all
> combinations, and was very disappointed to see that one
> ink/paper combination was dominant on the 3000's.
> I was headed back to the exhibition room after a half an
> hour quite happy not to have paid for the Studio
> "privileges".
> I should think if you take a couple 3000's of your own next
> year so you have control over them you will be able to
> demonstrate the quality of your products with a couple
> archival inks sets.

> Cheers
> Wardie\

We are going to do just that. If we are invited again next year we plan
on bringing a 3000 and at least 1 Large format, probably a 9000. We
might have acces to a few others, we are already dicussing the
posibility of bringing an Iris and a Print-Maker FA. We have customers
in the New Orleans area with both of these printers and both of them
have shown some interest in renting them out to us. 
I would really like to bring a PM.FA, because of the way our one print
done on that machine, at this years show, was done so badly. Ideally we
would like to bring about 6 3000's and have different ink sets running
in all of them. However, that is probably just a pipe dream. The one
3000 we definetly bring, will be running lysonic ink most likely. The
9000 will probably be running a archival ink also. 
John Goerger
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