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Re: 3000 and paper thickness?

Steven Thomas wrote:
> Hi
> I have a 3000, which is excellent.  BTW thanks to everyone on the list
> who replied to my query about which printer to buy.  The 3000 is a
> great beast of toil.  Pity the wife isn't, but that's another story.
> I would like to feed thick card, A2 size, through the bypass slot.
> The card is 500 gsm, or thereabouts.  I tried it, and tyhe printer
> protested, squeaked and groaned.  I still need to run this stock.
> Is it reasonable?  Can it be done?
> Your advice will be appreciated.
> Cheers
> Steve Thomas

If you run it through the tractor feed opening it should work.
We have run 2 sheets of 250 glued together through with no problems. So 
1 sheet of 500 should be no problem. Do not use the banner slot, use the
tractor feed underneath it, so you get a straight paper path.
John Goerger
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