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Re: PictureWindow 2.5 - Was Re: Picturewin?

--- Rob Geraghty <the_harper@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Michael Greer <mgreer942@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > that I've tested. I use it all of the time because
> > once you "build" a layout, you can save it and reuse
> > it with any image(s) you choose.
> I got the windows on the screen for setting up a
> layout, but couldn't figure out how to put images
> into the placeholders.  Oh well, more experimentation
> on the way!

1) Fire up the Layout feature.
2) Set your paper dimensions and resolution in the Layout window.
3) Left click on the icon with 4 squares (create grid) along the bottom of the
Layout window.
4) Enter panel width and height, margins, rows, and columns in the create grid
5) Use the preview liberally in the create grid window and click "OK" when
6) RIGHT click on any panel in the Layout window on the graphic representing
the page. An outline will appear arounf the panel that has been selected and a
"Panel Properties" window will pop.
7) Make sure "Color/Image" is selected in the "Background" field. It is the
default so you shouldn't have to change it.
8) LEFT click on the "Color/Image" square. All of the images you currently have
open in PW will now appear for selection. Choose the image you want to fill the
selected panel.
9) When the image is selected, notice the crop box in the selected image in
Picture Window. You can adjust the crop box on this image and see the impact in
the Layout window. This is really cool. 
10)Once you're satisfied, simply right click on another panel in the Layout
window, and select the image for that panel.
11) If you have a panel that has no image, you may want that panel to be
transparent. Therefore, select the "Transparent" option in the "Background"
field for this panel.
12) If you like the layout, make sure you save the layout by clicking on the
folder with the arrow pointing inward in the Layout window. This will save the
layout without the images.
13) Click "OK" and layout will make a new image out of your layout. "OK" makes
the layout image and exists the Layout feature. "Apply" makes the layout but
keeps you in the layout feature.

Hope this helps.

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Mike Greer
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