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Re: ICM under NT ( Was RE: Opinions and Cone at SIGGRAPH)

From: Daniel Salzedo wrote:
>Maybe I'll have to dig up that Windows 2000 Beta RC1 and see if that does
>better. Anyone tried this yet?

I have some network guru friends that have it up and running...
- - inside control panel and system settings
there is a "color management" tab
and its got some ICC profiles there
(defaulting to sRGB of course)
so its coming...

But printer drivers, postscript, etc...
- - who knows.

They're in the same building 
and my network is "touching" their network
so I may try to see if they'll
install epson drivers and print
to my 3000...

They say it (win2000) looks stable but they're not
using applications just networking stuff...

Bob O sending from home.

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