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Re: PictureWindow 2.5 - Was Re: Picturewin?

--- Ralph O Brown <robrown@evergreen-funds.com> wrote:
> I think you are talking about PictureWindow 2.5 which is a photo editing
> shareware system which also has a very nice but somewhat poorly explained
> layout
> system. I use this for photo editing and like it a lot, but it doesn't accept
> photoshop plugins.
> http://www.dl-c.com/

I agree with everything Ralph wrote. Picture Window is a very powerful image
editing program and its "Layout" feature is unmatched by any other image editor
that I've tested. I use it all of the time because once you "build" a layout,
you can save it and reuse it with any image(s) you choose. But Ralph is correct
in that its not explained very well in the documentation. And in my opinion,
it's not really intuitive. You MUST play with it to figure it out. But once you
do, it will be very useful.
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