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Re: ESC 600 clogged black

I took the advice about using Windex to unclog my magenta on my Color
Stylus. (the original)
I put some windex on the little pad below the print head before I went
to bed last night and low and behold this morning it is working.  First
time in 6 months.

I am getting some banding though. I have run many cleaning cycles. Would
the cleaning pads need changing? I was wondering if a person could
change the cleaning pads himself.  It looks like a pair of tweezers will
take the pads out.   Can a person buy the pads from Epson or can one
make pads out of some kind of fabric?
This machine was bought in 1994.  I've had it since Aug. 1995.  I was
going to buy a new 900 but this printer is so cheap to run as compared
to the newer Epson's.  The print quality isn't as good and it is slow by
today's standards but it is still a good printer.


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