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Setting up PS 5.02 for Epson printing

Hi All,

I'm trying to get PS 5.02 set up for printing on Epson, and am following the
setup procedures recommended by Ian Lyons, Andrew Rodney, and Apple's
instructions for PhotoShop found at

Where I'm confused is in the concept of what's going on.  Most talk about CMYK
setups, etc. but I don't believe this somewhat complex area is necessary for
printing on Epson, since it takes RGB files.  Am I right?

The confusing thing is Adobe's statement at the above site:

Grayscale Setup:

"Select Black Ink for images that will be printed. This causes
Photoshop to include the dot gain values from the Ink Options section
of the CMYK Setup dialog box.

If your grayscale images are intended for video or the Web (i.e., they
will only be viewed on-screen), you don't need to compensate for dot
gain. Choose the RGB setting instead. "

Which one?  I'm confused.

TIA for your help.

Tim Olive

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