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Re: ink comparisons

Cathy Brown wrote:
> Oops, I can't remember which inks you are comparing Jon.  Fotonic and
> Silver? Anyway, please let us know.
> Also, do you have any idea when the Silver inks will be available for the
> 1200?

	'Fotonic' and 'Silver' inks are virtually the same, or as Mr. Cone has
said earlier, "...peas in a pod." The biggest difference is the
packaging. I don't think the problems which some foresee between the two
competing brands will ever occur, but there will most likely be a price
war at some time in the future.. 
	Fotonics and Quad Blacks for the 1200 should reach the US during the
fall (sometime after Seybold), as I would guess that Lyson is presently
working on perfecting the light cyan and magenta inks. 

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