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Re: Re:Bad news about printing B&W images with color inks

Jerry -

I have encountered the same problem, as a matter of fact just today. The B&W 
prints I make are for B&W reproduction and they will be scanned in the 
grayscale without any color, so they are not as critical for me.  I can offer 
only one suggestion that seems to lessen the problem but not do away with it 
entirely. What I do is to "desaturate" the image before saving and printing. 
When I do work with B&W images it is always in RGB - for two reasons - one, 
some of the images are converted from color (by desaturating) and two I scan 
my B&W images in RGB (on a Nikon LS-1000) because they seem to look better 
that way.

Hope this helps...

Richard Benjamin
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