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3000 slide switches

After a week at the Indianapolis repair depot my 3000 returned with exactly
the same inability to recognize what size paper was in the paper tray.
Insisted it had A2 paper loaded. Talked to Epson Tech support and after many
suggestions the best they could come up with was to return the unit to the
depot for another try.

None of this sounded promising so I reverted to my technician role and
inspected the small switches under the tray. Carefully moving them back and
forth to check for plastic bits or foreign objects. LPS-1 was very carefully
and in tiny, tiny amounts applied to the switches thus freed up whatever was
bothering them. LPS is a true lube unlike WD-40. It is also Coast Guard
approved for marine use so it withstands a lot of water and protects against
corrosion. There are heavier grades of LPS but are too waxy and heavy for
use with electronic switches. Marine and auto parts stores generally carry

What was really disgusting is that with the package there were careful notes
describing the problem which the Epson Tech #620 ignored. The unit has
always printed very well. I did notice that the usual 2X swap of ink
cartridges was not needed on start up as the printer did it's charging
process right away once the cartridges were replaced. The repair note did
say the feed mechanism was adjusted so perhaps it wasn't a totally wasted
trip. If your 3000 is not charging right away and repeats that behavior then
it might be time to call Epson for a tune up while you have warranty.

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