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More on: Fotonics for Photos

I have done a few further experiments with the Fotonic four color inks for 
the Stylus 3000, and find that once I get the custom profiles to apply 
properly (some bug with the RIP perhaps) the results are supurb. Using the 
lower half of the PhotoDisc test image as a sample photo I am now getting 
results virtually indistinguishable from those of Epson inks. The only areas 
in which it is possilbe to distinguish one from the other is in the brightest 
reds (tomato, robot, dice) where if you overlap the imges to get the same 
sections very near one another it is possbile to bearly differentiate a 
slight reduction in the brilliance of the reds... not a problem for me! Here 
we have an ink set with reduced fading and longer life for standard prints on 
 matte and glossy papers, and very good life expectancies on uncoated stock. 
So changing inks will be unnecessary. Note that these results are achieved by 
creating careful custom profiles for the RIPs, inks, and papers involved. Do 
not assume that simply running the Fotonic inks with standard Epson settings 
get similar results! So unless I run into unexpected quirks down the line, 
then this is my choice of a stock ink for the 3000, since changing inks on 
this machine is not practical. Thanks to all who have assisted me with this. 
As time allows I will check other items, such as compatability with Monaco EZ 
Color,  differing RIPs and drivers, and papers.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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