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RE: Opinions of Endura LE and We-Ink

Thanks for the reply Jon. Nice to see you a company willing to publicly
defend your pricing. I would certainly agree your company provides a higher
level of service than most. I'm afraid I know very little of the economics
of the international cartridge trade.

However, while this may explain the price difference for the cleaning
cartridges, the 100% price difference for a 500ml bottle of ink still seems
somewhat skewed to me. This is not a filled cartridge, just a simple bottle
which I would think could be filled from a larger container with very simple
equipment. Is the Lyson ink manufactured and shipped from England, or
manufactured in the Far East and shipped from there in little bottles to the
USA, or manufactured and shipped in bulk from the Far East to England to be
bottled and shipped to suppliers in the USA such as yourselves?

As they say in the classics, "You pays yer money, you takes yer pick"

BTW How did your workshops at Siggraph go?

Daniel S.

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Subject: Re: Opinions of Endura LE and We-Ink

> No mention of any additives. 500ml/16oz Lysonic E from InkjetMall.com is
> $99.50. Endura LE From WeInk is $49. Cleaning cartridge from InkjetMall is
> $30, from WeInk $15. Has Jon Cone got any comment on this?


If you feel that you get the same support and expertise from WeInk
that you get from us, then it sounds like you'll save a bundle.

We can't offer the same type of savings unless we purchase ink in bulk and
fill it ourselves or through the advantage of using 3rd world labor in SE
Asia where 99% of all the 3rd party pre-filled cartridges are being filled.
The former is not cost effective considering the equipment necessary and
the latter doesn't sit well with us. When we find an alternative that we can
live with, we'll offer an alternative ink to desktop like we do for Iris.
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