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A Few 3000 and 1200 Questions

I am in the market for a Epson 3000 and/or a 1200 and have a few
question for those that actually use them.

1) Anyone had bad experiences with refurbished Epson 3000's. Either
mechanical or vendor problems? The 3000 is supposed to come with the
Epson RIP software, there are refurb listings from places I have seen
that don't mention the RIP at all. Caveat emptor? Any vendor
recommendations welcome!

2) Which inks do I have to use for T-shirt transfer? I intend on
getting some MIS inks for "real" work and was wondering if they would
work for the occasional T-shirt? Or do I have to use Epson OEM inks?

3) What's the max paper weight people have used in the 3000 and 1200?
I have some blank thick business card stock pre-printed with our logo
and would like to run it through to lay down name, address and
telephone. The 1200 looks like it has a straight through paper path.
Is this true?

Any feedback appreciated.


adam hill...

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