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Re: Need Photo Ink Advice


I don't specializing in archival photographic printing  but would like to
contribute my 2 cents worth anyway:-

I think it has been stressed often enough on this list (sometimes even by
fade tests conducted by list members)  that the paper-ink combination is
very important. In short, it's not advisable to  concentrate on the inkset
alone...since the paper/ink combination forms a symbiotic relationship of
sorts. When you add in the cost of the 'right paper' for the inkset of your
choice, your cost-per-page calculations (if cost is a consideration, as it
is for most people) will then be a more realistic measure of the bottom line
costs involved. Otherwise, you may save on inks only to find that the inkset
you intend to use can only work on an expensive paper, thus bringing your
overal cost beyond that of another viable ink/paper combo.... and one more
thing to consider after you have settled on the paper/ink combo, is getting
a good ICC profile for it so that you are really optimising your use of the
ink/paper you paid all that $$$ for (unless of course you are a wizard at
curves adjsutments or color management).

Having contributed my 2 cents worth, I also eagerly await the answer to what
is the best ink-paper combo for photo-realistic printing that is of archival
quality on the 6 color epsons and/or 4 color epsons adn what list members
who have used the various inksets/papers have to say. I am keen to explore
the Luminos Silver series inkset and Lumijet preservation series media, more
for the cost factor alone and the from hearsay regarding its performance.
Other combinations I have seen:- Lyson Fotonic on Fotonic Media on a 3000 -
looks great and MIS archival on Epson Photo Paper on a Photo EX - not bad
(but I did not have the benefit of a good profile at the time of testing)
but because of the paper used, its probvably not archival enough.

Best of luck in your search.


Peter Stewart wrote:

> I've been doing other researching for hours and hours and hours
> and.....whew! But, I've yet to find out what the best possible ink is
> for archival purposes. There's: MediaStreet inks, Lysonic Silver and
> Platinum inks, Lysonic Fotonic inks, MIS inks, etc. The Fotonics are
> horribly expensive.
> But nowhere have I seen which ones reproduce photographs as accurately
> (or real close) to the Epson inks. Every review I've read says all of
> them have problems, from inaccurate colors to mottled areas (MIS) to
> reactions to different papers.
> Have thought about calling and talking to different suppliers, but, have
> a vague uneasiness that each one will tell me their inks will do the job
> and, do it better than the other guys. Wanna bet on this one?
> Aaarrggghhh! It's all so confusing!!!
> Is there anyone here specializing in accurate, archival photographic
> printing that can help me? I have to order the inks withine a few days
> and have no idea which was to turn.
> Sure appreciate any help I can get.

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