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Re: way OT: print directory on PC?

Andy Darlow wrote:
> At 04:21 PM 8/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >Andy,
> >On W95-98:
> >ALT+PRINT SCREEN will capture the ACTIVE window to the clip board.
> >Print Screen will capture everything open on your monitor.
> >Be sure to size the window before you capture it.
> >Then paste to any program. And play with it there.

Handy at times, but that's an image, not live text, and it's limited to
what can fir on your screen at one time. Tedious with 'loaded' folders.

> >I know there are other shareware programs that also do this but I've found
> >this works for me when I make lables for the contents of a CD.
> >Ira
> >
> Thanks Ira for this tip but I'm a PC newbie and a DOS neverwas so could you
> elaborate. I went to Shut down and started up in DOS.  Then I got
> C:WINDOWS/ and I was stuck.  The folder name I want to print a directory on
> is called My Documents.  Should I shorten the name and what else do I need
> to do to make it work.

Filenames and foldernames that don't fit the 8.3 DOS convention need to
be enclosed in "double quotes" in the DOS command line. (or referred to
by their pseudo-DOS name.

go to the DOS prompt (you can find one in your Start menu)


cd \

then type

cd \"my documents\

  -or -

cd \mydocu~1

Now that you are in the folder you want, you type

dir > c:\dirlist.txt

then type


this will return you to Windows

the folder contents will be found in the root of your c: drive in the
file "dirlist.txt".

There are several Windows utility programs available that will gather
folders and their contents and print the results or save it to a text

I have a couple of URLs at home, if you need a name or two, private
email me tomorrow and I'll send some info. They are a lot more powerful
thatn the DOS method.

Ken Kehl
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