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Re: way OT: print directory on PC?

At 04:21 PM 8/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>On W95-98:
>ALT+PRINT SCREEN will capture the ACTIVE window to the clip board.
>Print Screen will capture everything open on your monitor.
>Be sure to size the window before you capture it.
>Then paste to any program. And play with it there.
>It is convenient to have windows clipboard viewer installed.
>It's often in the Accessories list. C:\WINDOWS\CLIPBRD.EXE
>because it lets you see the screen capture before you paste it into another
>There is a way to save these screen captures as clipboard files in the
>clipborard viewer but I usually don't need that feature.
>If it's not installed then >Control panel install new programs group.
>I know there are other shareware programs that also do this but I've found
>this works for me when I make lables for the contents of a CD.

Thanks Ira for this tip but I'm a PC newbie and a DOS neverwas so could you
elaborate. I went to Shut down and started up in DOS.  Then I got
C:WINDOWS/ and I was stuck.  The folder name I want to print a directory on
is called My Documents.  Should I shorten the name and what else do I need
to do to make it work.  

I hope this is helpful to others with hundreds of archived messages on a PC.


Andy Darlow

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