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Re: Traveling portfolio?

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 17:05:29 +0200, you wrote:

>There is another approach to this: A print swap group. The participants of
>the group send one print to each of the other members of the group and in
>return receive one print from each of the other. May be more expensive for
>the participants, but less risk of death of the group in case the traveling
>portfolio should stop somewhere.
>The participants can keep the prints they recieve.
>Any other thoughts on this?


It would then only be workable for US or country specific members -
the mailing cost would most probably kill off cross country.  I
thought the idea of the travelling portfolio was bascially a moving
exhibition. The idea of 72 or 95 dpi jpeg thumb nails may sense for
portability - ideally the full screen versions or higher dpi one could
sit in personal web pages - sorry are the other free web page
companies going the way Geocities is ie what ever is there is usable
by them with payment  ? Or be email to interested parties. Personally
the web page idea seems more workable.

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>> To my fellow list members:
>> Would any of you, photographers in particular, be interested in
>> establishing a portfolio group that would enable us to share each
>> other's Epson prints "in the flesh"?
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