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> from Tim Olive
> This list is about making (Epson) prints, and for me there is no
> substitute to
> seeing another's print and comparing it to your own,
> side-by-side.  The feel
> of the paper, the vibrancy of the inks, the subtlety of the
> tones, the depth
> of the shadows - you have to come into contact with the print itself.  And
> there is a lot to learn.
> Here are some ideas that may make a traveling portfolio work:
> I belive the only way it will work is on an informal basis in
> small groups.
> 1)  Put together a small group of your own (4-8 people) and give
> it a name.
> (Later you will see why smaller is better than larger.)  Keep your initial
> group as local as possible - dropping it off rather than sending it FedEx
> would have many practical benefits.  (Just having one local person in your
> group would help).  Ask yourself how frequently you would like to see a
> portfolio.  If once every two months, and the portfolio rotated every ten
> days, that would be six people.

I think this concept is right on for me anyway. So to further that
possibility, I am in SW Oregon, and anyone else close by interested say
generally from Portland area down to the bay area, east to Boise / Reno /
Las Vegas as a general parameter (though not rigid). I can be reached at
garycay@mind.net. I am in the 16x20 size, still using OEM and Lysonic E inks
on Somerset. When those are gone, I will most likely move on to Luminous
Silver / Lysonic Fotonic inks.... peace&prosperity for those willing to have

Gary Cay

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