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Profiling a Scanner

Now that I have an accurate monitor profile, I finally understand what a
difference a good profile can make. I have Jon Cone's printer profiles on
order. That leaves my scanners as the weak links. I hope someone can help
with the following questions:

1. when using the Twain interface to bring a scan into PhotoShop, the scan
opens in the working space without conversion. In my case the working space
is Bruce RGB and I am dead certain that my scanner is not producing Bruce
RGB images. What should I be doing to convert color, if anything?

2. when using the scanner utility, I produce 48-bit tiff files outside of
PhotoShop and then open them into PS. Again, the issue of conversion arises.
Should I presume a srgb space and do a profile-to-profile conversion?

3. is it worthwhile to try to profile a scanner? I seem to remember a
comment on this list that scanners are notoriously difficult to profile.
What about EZ color? Is it worth it just for scanner profiling?

4. what other issues are there that I haven't even considered?

My scanners are a Minolta Multi and an Epson Expression 636. I am on a WIN
98SE platform.

Thanks in advance.

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