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Re: Best" color slide film/color neg stop this ! now ???

Joseph Giannetti said:
> know where you are coming from  here is what I was trying to say:

Thanks for your kind comments, Joseph.  I appreciate that.

> unless they  "just do it ", they  will never be able to  master  the art
> of it making images that create an idea in other peoples minds.

Yes, I agree.  I have recently been going to the camera store just to pick
out a film I haven't used to "blow off" a few rolls.  Funny thing, I am
filling a new portfolio this way.  When I *try* to shoot portfolio work, my
mind stops up.  When I forget about the technical stuff, my pictures get
better!  At some point you have to shoot from your heart, not the manual.

> The greatest  problem  is most  people  do  not reading the manual, (
> and all the time  I thought I had a comprehension problem),  hopping
> someone will give them the magic  answer to what ever thing they refuse
> to read about.

Yes, there must be a balance between the tecnical and the heart.  Like a
train, we cannot run for long on just one rail.

I knew what you were saying, and admired the passion with which you were
saying it.  I was just putting the other rail down!

Take care,

Tim O.

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