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Re: Need a new printer

cam_prentis@sunshine.net wrote:

>My Epson Color Stylus (the original Stylus) has got a plugged magenta.
>Rather than get it fixed I was thinking of a new printer.
>My biggest concern is cartridge size.  Mine has fairly large ink
>cartridges as compared to the newer models.
>The 900 has caught my eye as it seems to have large cartridges.  Can
>anyone confirm if the ink cartridges of the 900 are as big if not bigger
>than the Color Sylus.

I don't know about the original Stylus, but the color cartridges on the
900 hold over twice as much ink as those of the 800. I used to get between
25 and 30 11 x 8 prints from the 800; I get around 70 from the 900.

The black ink cartridge hasn't grown by quite the same degree, however. On the
800 I used to replace one black cartidge for every three color cartridges;
with the 900, it seems to be about one for two.

If you've got a fast machine, the 900 zings! Unfortunately my pathetic
antiquated 200MHz machine can't quite manage to keep the 900 occupied on
full page images -- particularly with bi-directional printing, so the print
head has to pause at the end of every second or third pass to wait for data.
But I can't praise the 3 pico litre dots highly enough. Images (flesh tones,
greys, skies, what have you) are creamy and smooth as a baby's bottom. And
if you're content with the cast of the Epson black ink, you no longer have
to print black and white images in color to minimize the graininess of the
dot structure. Black 3 pico litre dots are as invisible to the normal eye
as the color dots are.

Dave F.

Dave Fanger (dfanger@world.std.com)
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