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Constant feeds?

I recall a posting about a " fliud damper" that the  Epson 3000 uses to 
control the ink flow  through the feed lines  to the printhead. I guess the 
new  Epson 9000 also use a similar item?

I would think it would be as close to the prinhead as possible?

I have not been able to get a really good idea of just what it does.

 But I do suspect that it reduces the pressure spikes in the ink feed lines.

As I posted before the very quick movement of the printhead does impart a 
pressure increase to the ink feed lines as they are accelerated.back and forth

Does anyone ( Eddie?) know where I can get one of those dampers. And what 
might be the part number?

This could be the "silver bullet" that is needed to make the constant feed 
systems work. 

It is very easy to get ink to feed into the printhead using 0.060 inch ID 
Micro bore tubing.when the ink supply is even or no more than 1/4 inch below 
the top of the cartridge height hey it worked for me.

I could flow enought ink to print over 7 pages of solid color blocks this 
really suck up ink.

This Micro bore tube is thin enough to tape to the wire loom of the 1520"s I 
run this keep the feed line out of the way of the carriage as it runs.

This small tubing reduced the pressure spikes just due to its small flow rate 
ability. All I know is I got no drips at all with it!

But when a clean cycle would run the small tube could not feed the 1/3 CC of 
ink flow per second that a clean cycle can require. ( at least on my 1520)

When I used larger tubing to carry this flow rate the printheads would drip 
always at the end of the carriage strokes!

The result of using feed small tubes is a loss of prime (ink staved 
printheads with small  feed tubes) this takes a lot of time to run many clean 
cycles to reprime so it was just not worth it!

So if anyone out there? ( Mr E.) has an idea of where to get one of these 
dampers please post it here! 

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