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Re: print directly on silks and fabrics without sublimationproblemswow!!

The fabric that TomCat was speaking of (the Jacquard line) is paper backed 
and feeds quite nicely through and Epson 3000 as well as Mile High's new 
Accuplot 3800 piezo printers.  Mile High has been carrying this product for 
over a year and we have had wonderful results. Until recently it has only 
been available for use in the Novajet printers.  There are some artists who 
have been printing custom silk scarves for some time now.  We entered a silk 
jacket as our Art piece in the DPI show in Reno last March.. it was very 
impressive, however an  AWESOME  shower stall won 1st prize.  Digital 
Altelier(sp) has been using this process from some time now.. they love it..  
Anybody going to the Seybold show in San Francisco can see these products.  
Mile High and Jacquard (Rupert,Gibbon & Spider) has a booth together, well 
will be running many different fabrics on our new Accuplot 4300. 

    Have a colorful day

    Mile High Engineering Supply, your inkjet specialists

DIRECT inkjet printing on fabric has the limitation of printer width and the 
difficulty of fabric handling in the printer. There are some very wide format 
printers now producing printing on fabrics. Though not yet competitive in 
price with other methods of printing fabric, the ability to print very small 
quantities ties in with the economic advantages of just in time manufacturing.
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