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Re: "Colorific" or PS5 gamma loader?

In a message dated 8/12/99 9:17:51 PM, robert@garvey.com.au writes:

>I don't have any of the higher end monitor profiling systems as yet, so
>I have been relying on the Adobe Gamma programe with PS5.02 on W98 (1st
>I recently moved to a new machine that has a "Creartive 32meg TNT2" video
>card.  This card comes with the "Colorific" monitor calibration utility
>that seems to be more detailed than the Adobe beast, also with a more 
>calibration proceedure and more controls.
>Is this a better option than the Adobe gamma loader? 
>For a while, I had both of the programes resident in my startup folder,
>can they work together?

Use the one that you are happiest with, but use only one of them, and remove 
the other from the system as a precaution.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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