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Re: Using a NikonLS2000 or Polaroid SprintScan 4000 with a Epson 3000 printer ?

> He also mentioned that there was really no difference
> in quality scanning above about 3300dpi - unless you just wanted a larger
> file for a larger print.

I would say that if the information isn't there, no need to scan at a higher
resolution. For instance, you could just use Corel (or whatever) to resample
the data using interpolation. However, the film artifacts (dust specs) will
be digitized at a higher quality. I've noticed that the automatic dirt and
dust removal programs do a better job as the resolution is improved.

FWIW, microtek is going to introduce this new scanner in late August, early
September. It will be marketed under a new division:
The 4000 is not on the web site yet.

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