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Re: Using a NikonLS2000 or Polaroid SprintScan 4000 with a Epson 3000 printer ?

Gary Sellani wrote:

> Is a 35mm worthy of  4000 dpi? I think even if the film improves greatly,
> the whole 35mm system isn't that good. I would go for the Coolscan and get
> the dirt and dust removal.

    On the other hand, pulling the higher resolution in the scan means that you
don't have to interpolate  things in Photoshop <G>. Besides, while that dirt
and scratch removal in the Nikon scanner works well enough, it also reduces the
contrast and apparent sharpness of your scan, so it's not something you'd want
to leave in the ON position all the time anyway. Flip a coin, make a
choice.We've got a film scanner here that does 5080 dpi on 35mm and the Imacon
eeks up there toward 6000, I think. Wonder why?


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