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Re: Tetenal HiGloss Paper

It's available here in Singapore from INFO MAGIC SYSTEMS Pte Ltd (tel: 27 58 660
- Mrs. Doris Chee - very nice lady). Info Magic is currently using it with their
HP photosmart printer based system. Apparently, she's been supplying some photo
shops in Singapore  with a HP Photosmart based print system - charges S$8.00 per
A4 print. Reason for using the HP Photosmart- it lasts longer than the Epsons!!

I tried to convince her to switch to EPson and Fotonic Inks but when working out
the math, it turns out that the cost per page with Fotonic is too high for her
clients ("customers won't pay that price).

Does anyone have the lowdown on the cost per page (for business use) when using
Photo 1200 and Fotonic inks (or any other archival inks).



Sutjahjo Ngaserin wrote:

> Kok Leong,
> You know any Singapore retailer carrying stock?
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> Behalf Of Tham Kok Leong
> Sent: 13 August, 1999 10:54
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> Subject: Tetenal HiGloss Paper
> Just thought the list might be interested in the following review of the
> Tetenal
> SpectraJet High Gloss Inkjet paper
>  http://lioncity.s-one.net.sg/~printer/paper/tetenal_harry/
> At 264gsm, its heavy all right and has incredible gloss. From the Singapore
> dealer of Tetenal, I learnt that the paper is also incredibly water
> resistant
> (can be put under running tap with no detrimental effects).
> Cheers
> kokleong
> http://come.to/digitaldarkroom

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