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Adobe Gamma, monitor contrast with Dell P990 (Sony)

  I also use a Dell P990 Trinitron to monitor my new Dell 500 and have
  found that setting the contrast at 100% & the brightness at 32% will
  match my PS.4.0 calibration and gives optimum prints on all Epson
  papers (especially photo paper SO41141) with my Epson 850.  
  The Adobe Gamma settings can even give you a finer tune if needed.

  Marvin Moss
kingphoto@mindspring.com writes:
>  When I follow the instructions in Adobe Gamma to first turn the contrast 
>  the way up, the  resulting prints are way off, and the monitor image looks
>  too intense.  When I start Adobe Gamma by turning the monitor contrast down
>  to the half setting (50 out of 100 on my Dell P990 Triniton), the print is
>  much closer and the monitor is tolerable to work on.  The monitor is still
>  about a 'grade' more contrasty than the print, but if I pursue this route
>  further by starting Adobe Gamma with the contrast even lower, I think I can
>  bring things into line.
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