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Re: Wish list for new epsons

TMorris862@aol.com wrote:
> I thought some wide format printers from HP allowed the owner to quickly
> remove the printheads to clean in a ultrsonic bath.
When you buy ink for the HP 2000 series and 3500 series you get three
items. You get a new print head, a cleaner cart. and an ink cart. The
print head snaps into the carriage and away you go. I have never heard
of using an ultra sonic cleaner to clean the print heads. In the past I
just kept using the heads until they started to band. The printer runs
tests for each color and shows you where the jets are not working. If
two or three are not working you are ok, but more than that you might as
well throw the head away and insert another. HP really wants you to
change heads everytime you change ink. It has been my experience that
the heads quit printing before you run out of ink. This series of
printer has to be the most efficient user of ink I have ever seen.

HP does supply a cleaner for the electronic strip on the print head but
no type of cleaner for the actual jets themselves. The real problem is
you can not purchase the print heads by themselves, so when the print
head quits you have ink left over. At 126.00 per cart for dye based ink
and 165.00 for UV ink you don't want to waste it.

Jim Davis
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