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Re: Photoshop 5.5

I don't see how you can expect the prints to match the screen, the colour
spaces of cymk and rgb are so different. But then I must be missing
something because I seem to get very satisfactory matching of colours
between monitor and screen just by a little trial and error now and then..
After so long of printing images off the computer I've just got used to what
needs to look like what.
Trying to get all these colour profiles working only stuffs it all up :-)


> I just purchased Photoshop 5.5 under the belief that
> its color calibration would be much improved. As
> everyone has written, this is the most problematic
> area in all of digital photography. Does anyone have
> an opinion or solution to getting my Epson prints to
> look anywhere close to my display color space (without
> the need for five or so 'test' prints)?
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