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Re: RGB vs CMYK & File Type

In a message dated 8/11/99 10:55:17 AM, tim@aaronmed.com writes:

>Without getting into the whole color management thing... I would like to
>know if anyone has experimented with printing images from RGB vs CMYK.
>other words, I have been scanning in RGB (because my scanner can not do
>otherwise except B/W) and printing from the same. However, as to be
>expected, it is difficult to get the brilliant colors on the screen to
>through on the paper. Would there be any advantage or disadvantage (besides
>file size) to converting to CMYK in my image edinting program before

If you are printing to an Epson printer driver then converting to CMYK before 
printing will make things worse not better, as the driver only accepts RB 
data, and an extra, uncontrolled conversion back to RGB will occur. Excellent 
saturated colrs can be achieved from Epson's even using the free Epson 
drivers, os your p[roblem probably lies with your scanner settings or your 
image editing. 
>Also, does the file type make a difference? Does it matter if my file is
>BMP, TIF, PNG, EPS, etc. when printing from the image editor? (I use
>Macromedia x-Res, but that shouldn't make a difference, I suppose).

What editor you use will indeed effect what quality of color you can print, 
but any of them should be able to print bright colors. Without using Phtoshop 
5 you are not really in a position to trust the color on screen or use color 
management, so you will need to adjust color "by the numbers" in your RGB 
file, looking for saturated color numbers. Not fun, but possible.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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