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Wish list for new epsons

I thought some wide format printers from HP allowed the owner to quickly 
remove the printheads to clean in a ultrsonic bath.

If this is true, wow what a great item for Epson to consider.

Ok I know the Epson  repair guys really do treat us Epson owners with pretty 
good repair support.

But you see I think most of the Epson printers are not really used in a true 
commercail world not yet that is.

The biggest problems I think we all will have is the constant clogging or 
just banding from for ink flow in those sponge cartridges.

I asked this before but has anyone really cleaned a printhead using Ultrsonic 

I would be very worried about removing the curerent design of printhead it 
looks like quite a project.

The print heads could have be desiged with more of the owner in mind.

I mean does the 9000 really use the same printheads as the 1200?

I can't imagine not having at least 2 Epsons just for when one clogs you can 
at  least continue with one!

But having 2  Epson 9000's is not the same story!

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