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Re: New CMM

I downloaded the free trial last night. Epson Monitor 3 reports an out of
memory condition and cancels the job without printing anything. This was true
despite my increasing the memory for Epson Monitor 3 to 50 MB. After changing
back to the photoshop internal engine everything was fine with only 1.5 MB for
Epson Monitor 3. Also the Heidleberg (Apple) and Agfa engines work fine.

I have not attempted to print with background printing turned off, but it seems
that Imation still has a bit of work to do.


Mark Hannah wrote:

> Quote from Macintouch home page:
> "Nearly a year after its initial announcement, Imation is shipping its
> Color Fidelity Module, a ColorSync addition for printing and prepress
> shops. The module lists for $395, but is available for a limited time at
> $195, with volume discounts available. A 30-day free trial is also
> available. (Registration required.)"
> >http://cfm.imation.com/default.htm<
> Cheers, Mark.

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