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Re: Banding on the Epson 1520 is it really that bad?

  to: Robert Hildebrand:
In a message dated 99-08-10 16:19:44 EDT, you wrote:

 <<I recently gave my epson 1520 to my wife so she can use it to print out her
 e-mail  on her computer. I could not think of a reason for keeping it,  
sense my use for it was to print images of archival art. It was capable of 
printing beautiful images but never could do it without banding while usings, 


I have printed 100's of 13 x 19 photo posters using my1520's and I can't 
recall any banding at all.

As you know the 1520 and 3000 have the same printhead. and image output.

I have not heard of other folks flatly saying the 1520 bands so bad I can't 
use it?

I only used the original set of  Epson cartridges that came with the 1520.

By the time I bought my first 1520 I had learned how to vacuum refill using 
the 600"s I had before, Thank God I saved $1,000's with my refilling.

I posted before that I get no banding at all because my refills weigh about 
10 % to 15 % more than the Epson filled cartridges. I actaually used an Epson 
cartridge and recorded the factory weight and my refilled weight so is "real 
data" I generated.

When I run these "mega filled" cartridge I never get any spilling or 
dripping, I just run 1 or maybe 2 clean cycles and I run till the ink out 
light forces me to change.

So I just wanted to set things straight here are you guys using those Epson 
cartridges really getting banding so much it is a problem?

If this is the case then  vacuum refilling is a method the consider as in my 
case i just do not get banding due to the higher ink refill charge.

Would you new 1200 owners share you experiances with us are you getting the 
same or less banding with you new printer then you did with your old Epson 

I have 2 1520's ( bought new) and I am going to buy 2 more they work great 
for me and with the same image as the  Epson 3000 I see no reason to not us 

The bottom line is :

When you are looking at a 13 x 19 or larger photo ( from 3 to 4 feet away as 
you normally would) I  do not  believe you can tell the difference bewteen a 
1200 and 3000 or 1520 output. 

One thing for sure your customers will not be able to tell them apart!!

For smaller photo that you hold close up in your hand I will concede that the 
1200 may have the edge. but not for the big images


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