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Re: Cleaning Cartridges: compatibility

>Imagine sending your printer back to epson for service and the tech
>smells the windex!
>They will put your name down on their little warranty violator list !?!

I don't think so!  I tried the windex (didn't work for me, but maybe I
didn't try hard enough) on my 700 that was three months out of warranty.   I
called Epson tech support up in a last ditch effort to fix it.  Tech support
couldn't help and actually PERSUADED me to call the local Epson service
center.  I explained to him that it was three months out of warranty and I
knew a new printhead would cost about as much as getting a new one and he
practically begged me to call the local serviceman.  Well, I did and the
serviceman told me to call Epson on an 800 number he had to see if they
would give me a warranty exception.  I told Epson warranty center where it
was purchased, the serial number, and the date.  Even though it was three
months out of warranty she said, (and I quote) "We would be happy to do that
for you!" and I really think she meant it..  I was shocked.  They didn't
care or even ask about non-OEM carts, inks etcetera.   They faxed the ok for
warranty work to the serviceman within 2 hrs.  I truely believe that Epson
is out to keep their customers loyal by keeping them happy.  I have 'sold'
three other people on getting an Epson even before this warranty work was
done for me and now KNOW that I did them a service rather than wondering if
I did.  People ask me about computer hardware and printers all the time
because they know I'm a geek about them.  I guarantee you I'm a much better
salesman for them than any of the people at CompUSA or BestBuy (who tend to
'hide' Epson products or only display the better machines in the Mac
section).    And I suppose my 'payment' is getting a 'warranty exception'
when I really don't deserve one.   Works for me.


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