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Re: Cleaning Cartridges: compatibility

Mitch2sb@aol.com wrote:

> Windex appears to hold sway in most posts as a good cleaner, but I'm
> concerned about its

> 1. compatiblity with no-compatible inks; please respond if you have had
> success flushing Lysonic (and which ones), MIS archival, Luminos (and which
> ones), dye sublimation (and which ones) or any other insets

I read on this list that Lysonic and Epson inks have a "pH
incompatibility problem" that causes precipitation; what would
Windex do !?! Gotcha, just restated your question.

> 2. 'genteelness' or non-corrosiveness on the printer components; it smells of
> ammonia and/or vinegar and I'm not sure if this is safe on printer parts;
> comments, please? ought it be further diluted with water to insure safety?

Imagine sending your printer back to epson for service and the tech
smells the windex!
They will put your name down on their little warranty violator list !?!

That is why I suggest Ultra Purge from http://www.weink.com.

I don't think that Tomcat has used Windex with the Lysonic inks.

-- Ben Haskell

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