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Re: 3000 (Poll?)

No, I haven't tried the Fotonic inks at all.

I set out to find a good longevity solution that was going to have
published results first by 1) the time I had to create inventory for the
festival season; 2) take a gamble on what is going to be good results and
available for in the booth during the festival season....

Well I started with the Lysonic - tried the somerset - didn't hold an edge
and ate red into brown. Tried some of the Bulldog papers - was not happy
with their service and was finally told that some of the papers may never
have results published - switched vendors and papers. Early in my
explorations the Ultra Stable was not available in something like 11x17 -
which is perfect for a 16x20 mat. I find 16x20 frame size pretty optimal
for most home and office applications of fine art. Big enough to see across
the room and not too big to be problematic in finding wall space. It became
available in 11.5x16.5 inches perfect.

I've found Jon Cone of Cone Editions/Ink Jet Mall straight forward, helpful
and an asset to this list and personally behind the scenes. Still waiting
for formal published results on the Ultra Stable/Lysonic combination, but I
believe I saw on Willhelm that results are forthcoming. The Ink Jet Mall
website USED to have a statement that the UltraStable/Lysonic combination
was in test and testing well and that the results would be published.

Now there is a benefit for the results taking a while to become available
to the extent that the test is continuing - the longer they take the better
the performance. I've asked if we could get interim results published, like
Willhelm did for certain products as they passed 100 years. I'd be happy
with published interim results at anything greater than a standard
cibachrome/ilfochrome type print. Well no dice. To the extent results have
been delayed while a "set of combinations" becomes available, I'm not
particularly happy.

Depending on results I may try some other combinations next winter when my
schedule isn't so hectic. However, the canvas works really, really well for
how I go about making images. The digitally manipulated nudes, some of the
flower pictures and some of the scenics are enhanced by the canvas texture.
... I go back and forth on some of the underwater and the hard core shots
of cut oranges, etc. I'd like a good flat gloss I think. 

Changing papers and Inks can be expensive. Flushing the reservoir uses a
lot of the ink in a cart. Changing papers, depending on the need for
profiles - I typically have full custom ones made, is also expensive. From
this point adding new inks especially and media are going to be taken with
some hesitation now that I have in general a pretty stable system.

I can go concentrate on the "art" and let the technology be less all
consuming in time effort and energy. I've already noticed my shooting,
manipulations and other aspects of my work migrating to fit my stabilized
output media. I've changed output media before, and every time I do my work
adapts to take advantage of the positives and minimize the negatives.

The cut lemons etc. work great on Epson Ink Jet Paper with the dataproducts
ink and then laminated. They are ok on the Canvas. This is the type of
image I'd like more of a photo gloss longevity paper. On the other hand the
manipulated nudes look ok on inkjet paper with data products ink and are
extraordinary on the canvas. Somewhere in the middle are some of my
flowers, (like the pink one with the blue background, or the full on white
with red edges, the golden glowing barn) balance very well with a tendency
toward being better on the canvas.... The more painterly the feel of the
image, the better it is on the canvas....

So no I haven't tried the Fotonics and the ultrastable. Changing inks
because of the pollution to the system/consumption of the ink is not at the
moment a likely thing I'm going to do (unless results come in very poor)
..... I'm looking for a nice gloss longevity solution with the Lysonic Ink.
Any ideas, I've been waiting for results before jumping this time.... Felt
I've gambled enough lately.


At 02:12 PM 8/9/99 +0100, you wrote:
>sorry, i miseed the earlier thread, but saw this in Oliver's post:
>> 5% UltraStable Canvas and Lysonic E ink
>How do you like this combination?
>Have you tried UltraStable with Fotonic Inks?
>john ennis
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