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Re: Encad Croma24 - any thoughts?

Tim Vitale wrote:
> ENCAD Direct is offer a "refurbished or overstocked" Chroma24 for
> $1600.  Where are they found for $1000?
> Tim Vitale
> Preservation Associates
> 510-594-8277

Boy did I stick my foot in my mouth. I was entirely wrong about the
price on the Chroma24. I rechecked my figures and the list price was
$2000.00 not $1200.00. I sure don't know where I came up with that
figure. DUH!-sometimes the brain goes to sleep while the mouth is still
running. At $999.00 it is a good price, but I still would not use it for
art printing. It would be ideal for printing signs and some poster work.

Jim Davis
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