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Re: Hi!Diggger Epson Sausce'

i/we, myselfies, feel more like "oh-yeah uh-huh--augghhhhh, that was the
bestest good huh! (we just love thinking about big tough guys--really gets
us all off, less one)--are we having list metasex or what-oh my Darlin' "
D. St. James:  but you're metaconfused now that you had your autoquick 3
questionable metaletters?  well, let me put it  a bit  like this, just for

you see, D,  technology within our culture is highly gendered--surprise
surprise, we have a patriarchal culture....i know, i k-know still!  after
all these years!  and we all know how boring that can be, but that's the way
its been so why change, especially if "i get to be on top!"  (not me of
course--i'm a professional cultural bottom-feeder!)

so, while technology itself is inanimate, semiotically it is constructed
otherwise in pop'ular culture--why look, its a BOY!  my epson is and i'm one
of the mighty epsoneers!--which is all just an inkjet spot in the head of
course--but good enough to be popular--so no matter---so their is this
semiotic erotic engenderment of culture, technology, and art that you want
to maintain so badly that you can't bear to have anything different that
confronts the truth of your myth messing with your own little party---which
of course means that here on this list a lot more goes on between the lines
and posts--an identity is being constructed and ritualized--the mightly
epsoneers!  sing this #    i~ got-TAH*  EP-SOME, Jest LOOK-A-ME now!  and
this of course makes me even more y-both pertie and pertinette!


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