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Re: Refill Beginner...How Do I ?

       to:         Kevin Hains


You will be forced into using a syringe and injecting ink into the cartridges.

This method will leave a lot of air pocket inthe cartriges ans you will get 
just a samll fraction of the factory refill.

from my own past efforts i would never use injection again.

As I have posted I have tried to market my very own refill kit that uses a 
vacuum to suck out the air first then suck in new refill ink. So my kit 
really sucks but this is what you really want!

This works very well.

I am applying for  a grant to invest I think i will have to bring this to 
market myself as the refill guys just don't care they just give you bare 
bones kit that really does not work or are very difficult to use if you have 
just 2 hands.

Surf www.Amjet.com they sell black Epson ink for just $18 a quart!!! They are 

I have use over a gallon of it without a single clog!!!

Ask for Chris Crear he will sell you all the ink you need!!

Sorry about the lack of refill kits but you seel at this point there is no 
reason for th refill folks to make one  You see they are thinking tha you are 
so deserate to avoid paying $8,000 for Epson ink they will try just about 

Whatevery you do no not refill by injecting ink with the cartridges in the 

Yon can short out the circut boards on the 600!!

When I vacuum refill I get about 15% more ink by weight inth my refills!!

This is one reason I get no banding the Epson cartridge look really dry 
compare to the rich fully colors of the refills I do!

The best advise is to refill about 2 sets of cartridges. inject the ink very 
slowly and let the cartridges sit for about 1 hour between topping them off.

Use a 30 CC syringe witha 22 to 20 gage needle no larger!!!

Inject ink at about 1 CC per 30 seconds

Use a postage scale  ( 1 lb will work but a 1/4 lb scale is better) to weigh 
the refill csartridge compare this to the wieght of a factory fill one this 
way you will gewt a good idea of your refill amount.

You should not use a refill that is not at least 40 % by weight of the 
factory fill one. Once again nobody else will tell you this they just do not 
care if you have a bad refill hey the first few times it sure would have be 
nice if someone told me this when I was starting to refill!

Allow the cartridges to sit for at least 24 hours and bump them on a table 
top before use thios will  help shake out any bubbles near the ink feeds.

Make sure you read my posts about printinf full pages of colosr block to help 
drain out bubbles in the print heads! just doing clean cycles are not the 
best way to get a refill going!

Oh yes do not leave the cartridge out of the printer for more than 10 

The ink can dry on the ink inlet nipples in the carriage and give you a very 
big problem!!!

If you have are out for more than 10 minute drop some distilled water on the 
ink nipples to keep them from drying out when youi refill Nobody elese tells 
you about this because they don't care!!

Yes this did really happen to me the ink dried on the ink nipples when I left 
the cartidges out for 20 minutes! But I am located in Arizona it is very dry 
out here as it may be where you are!

Please be advised the Epsom printers need thier own inks Do not use HP or 
Canon inks!

There are some very cheap China inks out there I would not use them!!!

Buy a good ink form a well known firm or you will suffer!!!! 

Make sure to run you printer on a week this will keep the ink fron clogging 
on the nozzles.

if you do get a clog from hell try the Windex on the Pad trick. Ordee it if 
you can Windex is cheap and it works great!

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