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Re: Rudyard Tikki Kiplinger Report

I was out of town for a few days and came back to find that our business
name had become a controversial topic on the list! Pretty funny, guys!
Well, if you want to know where it came from (and what Kipling had to do
with it) you can check here!


Tavia Thomas
Rikki Tikki Tees

Steve Greenfield wrote:

> For everyone who kindly replied to my message.
> Well, excuse the f#%$#% out of me... I was busy reading Isaac
> Asimov and The Three Musketeers. At least I knew what it was
> refering to, sorry if I didn't mention my full depth of knowledge
> about the story.
> On 26-Jul-99, Bruce Roorda wrote something like:
> >Have we sunk so low?  Rikki Tikki Tavi was the mongoose in a story
> >by Rudyard Kipling.
> >Bruce Roorda
> >Possum Hill Farm
> >Steve Greenfield wrote:
> >> That's easy, Rikki Tikki Tavi- a cartoon about a mongoose.
> >>
> >> On 25-Jul-99, PAUL GLIONNA wrote something like:
> >>
> >> >ink. BTW, rikkitikkitees  sounds
> >> >good, what does it mean, or stand for?
> >>
> >> >Tavia Thomas wrote:
> >>
> >> >> Tavia Thomas
> >> >> rikkitikkitees
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