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Re: CompUSA business sales

Hi Jim,

Am I missing something here in your comment re Genuine Fractals? Yes, it's
apparently true that they only open in PS (I guess it's true - I haven't yet
tried to do anything else), but why don't you save the GF STN file as a JPG, GIF
or PSD in PS and use that in other apps.  Works for me.


Jim Osmundson wrote:

> Genuine Fractals does indeed do a great job within Photoshop but if one
> tries to export the files to Illustrator or PageMaker it won't work. Their
> file routine works only within Photoshop and even then I found a GF file had
> to opened within Photoshop as clicking on the GF brings up the what's this
> dialog box. If one has no life outside of Photoshop Genuine Fractals
> probably is a must have with the file size savings with no apparent loss in
> quality.

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