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That's why I bought a cheep flatbed scanner with a transparency adapter.&nbsp;
I low rezzz scan a entire roll of film at a time,&nbsp; Invert it in photoshop,
then print the entire roll out on 14x17 paper.&nbsp; <font size=+2>"Big
<br><font size=+2>Robert H.</font>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><i></i>&nbsp;
<br><i>Has anyone heard of a widget called a Photovix or Fotovix? One photographer</i>
<br><i>I know of has his negative film processed only, not printed. He
runs the</i>
<br><i>uncut roll of negatives (which comes back from the lab in a protective</i>
<br><i>sleave) through the photovix, reviews the image on a monitor(TV?)
and makes</i>
<br><i>selections of the images he wants printed. Saves a little money
<br><i>proof prints and eliminates one trip through the enlarger for the
<p>Is anyone familiar with this device?
<p>Frank Pryor
<br><a href="http://www.pryorphoto.com";>http://www.pryorphoto.com</a>
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