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Re: The Best?! RIP

Michael wrote:
>I was just offered a copy of BIRMY RIP (PowerRIP 5.1) for a very good
>price, but I wanted to know if anyone on this list had had experience with
>it and had any comments, praise, warnings, free-associations,
>editorializations etc....
>I am on WIN 98 and would be using it for a Stylus Photo and Stylus Pro XL

Unless you really really really need a RIP (say you need it for Quark or
other finicky vector and page layout program) you may want to decline.  It
is the only true CMYK RIP currently available but the dithering is quite
coarse compared to the standard driver.  On my old StylusPro XL I found the
Birmy RIP to be quite unsatisfactory for  photographs.  It is, on the other
hand, pretty good for graphs and text and those types of things.  Just not
for photos with a Stylus Pro. -- I don't like it with my 3000 either but
some people find it acceptable - it is better with the 1440 dpi printers
than the 720 dpi printers.

Dan Culbertson

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